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" a fantastic service.  I cannot believe how warm our property has become and how much we save on fuel bills"


"I now no longer hate the look of my house and for the first time in many years am not dreading the winter!"

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More often than not, poor loft insulation is the largest cause of heat loss in the home. As heat rises, without adequate loft insulation, it will eventually be lost through the roof. The most common types of loft insulation within the UK are mineral fibre and mineral wool and these materials should be laid to a depth of 270mm.

Older homes are more likely to have inadequate loft insulation and the fact that nearly a quarter of a homes heat can be lost through the loft space this is one of the most cost effective ways to save energy and money instantly via the Green Deal Plan.


Under the Green Deal Plan, the depth of your current loft insulation will be checked.

If the depth does not meet current building regulations (270mm loft insulation) you may be eligible for Green Deal funding to upgrade your loft insulation.  




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